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What the actual hell.

I'm going to share my thoughts on the whole sleepykinq drama.

It's so fucking stupid.

Why make more rants on him when there were already lots of other rants on him covering the same subject. You are just bringing the attention of people who don't know the full situation. People are going to assume what a rant says is true.

In rants I hear people saying how Skrill is teaching kids that rape is okay. Where the hell did you hear that from?

Skrill never said something along the lines of "Rape is cool and awesome everyone should do it" "Go do sexual assult it's nice".

Now that the word has spread that Skrill supposedly promotes rape and says it okay has gone to the fucking immature people who can't handle situations properly.

Making a rape joke is somewhat bad but telling a kid to fucking kill themselves is so much worse.

Think about it, a rape joke might hurt somebody that has been a victim but, to tell someone to kill themselves has a way bigger impact and some people actually kill themselves because some fucking idiot on the internet said so. That's literally supporting suicide which is worse than rape.

Now, I hear in rants about the kids that are in the animation meme community. What kind of parent would leave their kids on the internet as if it were a babysitter. The parent should monitor their children or just simply, ban those fuckers off thd internet.

Losing your innocence is so easy now because of the internet and by the amount of parents who are horrible at their jobs.

I think the kids should just leave, unless if they are mature enough to not say stupid shit like telling a kid to kill themselves, and to know whats right and whats a joke and not meant to be taken seriously.

If you have told Skrill to kill himself and you are reading this, honestly fuck you and get off the internet until you can handle situations properly. You guys are a reason why the internet is such a cruel and horrible place no matter how nice and fun it looks on the outside.

My mother literally threatened me that she was going to leave me here in Peru...

If you haven't been keeping up with any of my stuff or if you are new, I'm basically on vacation and I had to go to Peru with my mother to visit my family. I had to leave my drawing tablet and many other things back at home.

I absolutely hate it here in Peru. The streets smell, the house is dirty, in Lurin (some market place) traffic is everywhere and it's so loud, and we live right next to the beach so we often see many dead birds and they smell so bad. My grandmother has a urinary tract infection so my mother, sent me to her sister to take care of me and, I hate her.

She is so strict with everything. Yes her house is very nice and very beautiful but, I got sick there and every morning there are more bug bites on my body.

I want to go home and never, and I mean never go back to Peru, it is the most horrible place I have been in. The fact that, I might have to spend more time here in Peru sickens me. I am supposed to stay here for just 45 days then leave for school but, my mother wants me to literally stay here for more than 45 days and she doesn't even care about my school in California, she wants me to learn Spanish but, I don't want to. She doesn't give me much freedom now.

I only have 2 friends left in school and, I feel like I was a total bitch to them. I feel horrible. I got them so hyped up for the last day of school which was our end of the year field trip and they were looking forward to it to spend it with me because, they really cared for me.

You see, I had so much more friends but then.... they all started to hate me and avoided me. I didn't like being left alone. I was vulnerable to these 3 girls who have been bullying me for some time now. I have gotten so emotional ever since most of my friends started to avoid me that just thinking about them avoiding me started to make me cry, in fact I'm actually crying right now irl..

You want to know why I feel like a total bitch to my last and only friends. I skipped out on them. I want to apologize to them but, would they even like me anymore? If only I wasn't so weak and scared I could've spent my last day with them, I don't even know if they would go to the new school that I am going to.

The only thing I have now, is just digital art which is my passion. 45 days without doing any sorts of digital art is bad enough for me but, to possibly never be able to draw digital art ever again fills me with so many emotions.

I just don't know what to do anymore other to just cry now. I feel too emotional.

I wish I never loved art from the beginning to spare me from this horrible pain.



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