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Yah no
This is literally what my computer said to me, I was gonna upload this yesterday but, my computer said "yah no" and ummmm, corrupted the file and now I can't access it so I just took a screen shot :(
Lps Roblox Loves 2 pfp sketches
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, yeh. I was forced 2 do art :( I actually like 2 and 3 the most, the other sketches are cringy
   I never knew that any of this was happening, and I never knew that my best friend would betray me.

   Everything was normal until one day, I got a shit load of notifications. I thought that this was strange because, I never turned on my notifications so I checked the notifications and I find, people hating on me. I scrolled up and look up why people were saying these things and I see a comment made by ME that said, "Aww this is so beautiful! Oh i'm sorry, I thought it was opposite day". I am even going to admit that the comment was pretty rude but, I never posted it. I checked the other notifications which was more rude comments made by me on other people's channels, why was this happening. Was someone hacking me? No, I never EVER shared any personal info online, and I never will. I do have a hunch of who did it though.

   Everyday my friend comes to my house and says "Hey, can I use your laptop to do my homework?". I always replied sure and I usually left her unattended. And if you are going to say "Oh you are lying because, you would've seen it before!" but, I always left my notifications off so if someone replied to me, I would never know. 19 weeks past and I just barely found out about this. I don't have any siblings or parents who would comment such horrible things. I don't know if my friend turned on the notifications and left them on, on purpose or she forgot to turn it off but what ever it is, I am glad that it was on so I can find out what has happening. 

   I am not lying, I would never post such hateful things to beginners of animation and art, even my online friends would know that. They mostly know that I am calm and professional if I were to comment on someone's video.

   I really wanted to do more instead of posting a journal but, I simply do not have the time because of school.

   Apologies for:…

Galaxy wolf: Papito meme (I can't find their channel)

And everyone else that were victims, I would really love to do free full color commissions for the people who were victims.

(If any of you find a rude comment made by me on other peoples channels please send me the link, also people subscribe to the people that my friend bullied)

   I am also sorry for the people that my friend brought down who tried to protect the victims, I am truly sorry that all of this happened. It is my fault that I never found out earlier, I ignored so many clues. I am really sorry, I hope that the victims and the people who supported them forgive me. 


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